Mariana Mendez

Mariana Mendez Bivalda Mole Shoulder Bag


Handmade lambskin leather bag with intricate elastic weave and zip detail.

100% soft lambskin leather, elastic fibers & felt.

The elastic fibers are interwoven by hand creating a slight draping fabric and a unique look. Underneath the elastic fibers, the bag is lined with soft felt to add texture and protection. 

Dimensions: 460mm w x 400mm h

The underside is made of soft lambskin with 1 internal compartment with a side pocket. The outer zip helps to expand the volume of the bag.

The ergonomic design of the bag slightly wraps the body on both sides making it comfortable to wear as a statement accessory.

Each item produced by Mariana Mendez is specifically made-to-order. Due to this hand-made process, some items might have mild nuances in colour and minor differences, this is part of the artisanal process. This is part of the charm of a Mariana Mendez product, the item you receive will never look identical to anyone else's.

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