RC/KP Burn Out Print Black Canvas Large Shoulder Bag


This shoulder bag/clutch is a collaboration with my son Reg when he was 3 years old.

He was obsessed with "burn-out" cars and loved everything "cars". Often we'd walk to the coffee shop together and hang out. To keep him engaged while I drank my coffee we'd draw... I scribbled the car and Reg would scribble the BUUUUURRRRRNNNNN OUT!

This is the result of our many trips to the coffee shop and our time together.

This large shoulder bag designed by Kate from RC/KP (and Aniseed) can be turned into a clutch. Made in Australia with brass top zip and side zip

Dimensions: 400mm w x 370mm h (40 x 37 cm)
Adjustable and detachable strap.

Cuff handle to secure to wrist. Carry under the arm or around the wrist. 

Add interest and story to your outfit. Ideal for going out to secure your items and not crush your outfit with a shoulder strap

100% cotton drill with burnout print lining.

Aniseed Boutique

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