Klasica Rust Work Coat


Based on the vintage atelier coats from France, this oversized work coat is crafted with straight-line cutting found in the traditional attire of Africa and the Middle East.

It features pockets and a pencil pocket on the chest, patch pockets on the waist, and a small slit on the side of the hem.

77% Cotton 23% Silk in Sumi black

The fabric is a blend of organic cotton and silk, dyed with persimmon tannin, a traditional Japanese technique, and washed in the product stage to create a weathered fabric. Like the core white dyeing of denim ropes, the inside remains white, allowing you to enjoy the gradual aging process over time.

The fabric has a high density with a slight stiffness, yet it is not too thick, providing a tough look with lightness.

Look great with rolled-up sleeves and high collar.

Made in Japan

Aniseed Boutique

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